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Well we smoke just about everything down here. For a fresh corn side

We start the black and pinto beans on the stove. Then for the corn, we pull off a few of the outer

husks and hold the corn in water. Next, roast some red bell peppers, pablanos, jalapenos, clove garlic, onions..... Drain a couple of cups of the beans and into the cuisinart. Then just mix all that up into a paste. Add cumin,chili powder, oregano, chili pepper, epazote and pepitas s & p. Sometimes avocado.... If the paste is to thin to spread then use a little corn flour to thicken. Next, pull down the husks to expose the corn, slobber the paste on the corn, we use our hands, and fold the husks back up. Tie the corn up with the wet husks or foil them like my BIL and put then on the grill . We usually let them get pretty charred and then in the smoker till everything else is ready./img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif
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