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Hey y'all.
I am Alex. 25 years old.
I am from Cyprus and I do what Im passionate with for a living. Cooking!
If Im not in the kitchen that means Im either in the woods with my dogs or Im on the internet reading about cooking techniques, seminars or knives!
Even tho Im studying on knives a lot I havent had the opportunity to use and feel lots of types of steel or brands of knives. So here i am, bombing with some questions already.
-Can anyone list me some websites selling knives and accesories?
-Any european(even international) sellers/retailers you reccomend?
-What knife did you have the best experience with?
-Which steel/knife you think is better for long prep on any ingredient?
-Favorite knives?

-How do you carry your knives?
-Any mouth orgasmic recipe you would share with me?
-Can you feed me with some recipes from your country/ culture?
-What does BDL stands for?

Can't wait for your responses!

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Hi Alex. I can address the last question. BDL stands for Bore De Laze, a former member who was quite vocal, opinionated, and knowledgeable about knives and many aspects of culinary endeavors. He left the forum some years ago.
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