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Ganache in Large Batches

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I need some advice on the best equipment to make large batches of ganache. Does anyone have experience using a steam kettle to make it? Or a large stock pot burner on the floor? I'd like to make a batch using 18i9bs chocolate and 9 quarts cream.
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Ok thanks. I've never used one so it helps to hear from someone else. I wish I could test it somewhere. Would a steam kettle cook swiss merengue faster than a double boiler for buttercream?
In reply to JCakes... (by the way, thats the name of my business too)how funny. I use ganache to glaze and fill cakes and I also use it to make chocolate buttercream. I've tried making 6# chocolate in a full size hotel pan but it still had chunks and had to pour back in the pot to cook a few more minutes. Another problem is boiling such large amounts of cream as well. Thanks everyone for the advice
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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