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Anyone out there making gingerbread houses for the holidays? I just started designing the one I am making this year. It will be a large country style church that I am using as the centerpiece on our gift table for my wedding. What is everyone else doing? Also found very cheap clock parts at a local art store. I am thinking about making a gingerbread cuckoo clock.

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Next Wed. I will be running an all day workshop on gingerbread houses.
We have the house parts ready and will hot glue them together so the 2 hour
class will be focusing on decoration.
We have ordered silver balls and snow men from France and charming
"Merry Christmas" Signs made of marzipan. Candy canes and starbrites,
Royal Icing out the wazoo, gelatin sheets for the windows, decorative molds
with coating chocolate to create church spires. chocolate discs for the roof
shingles. Yikes!
Left over Holloween candy will be used as well.
Some of our sources are:
Big Tray
Sugar Craft
Patis France

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