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A federal court in Bruno, Saskatchewan, Canada, has upheld a complaint by a big bio-tech company against a small farmer.

Multinational chemical giant Monsanto was suing farmer Percy Schmeiser for growing its genetically-modified canola without a licence. In its ruling the court found that Percy "infringed on a number of claims under the patent" granted to Montsanto, and further infringed on the patent by reselling the seeds harvested later. It said some of the remedies the company seeks should be granted.

Monsanto says it owns the plants since it owns the patent on their altered genes. It says farmers must pay each time they use seeds containing the genes or destroy their crop.

Schmeiser admits the canola was growing on his 1,400-acre farm, but says the seeds blew over from a neighbour's farm or from passing seed trucks. And he says he has the right to replant his seeds without paying anyone for them again and again.

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