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Goal oriented and need advice

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I need some career counseling, what better place than here? You are all honest and fair in your replies, so I ask you to lend me a bit of advice and thank you all in advance.
I have no wife and no kids, I have some money saved up, and I want to own a restaurant in the very... distant future (long-term goal). With no restaurant experience, but much ambition to learn, where should I begin (school vs. baptism by fire) and what goals (short-term) should I set to ensure I remain on the right track?
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So let me get this straight, I need to find a good shrink and then go find a good school, or do I have the order mixed up? HA! You both make very good points and I am thankful for your wisdom. As to the 2 questions posed by Suzanne:

1. Why do I want to open a restaurant? I simply have to have a long-term goal, simple as that. I don't want to ever get complacent, and I think without a goal, settling and assuming the role of a follower becomes comonplace.

2. What do I think it will be like? Probably, something like marmalady went through. However, I don't want any partners, in any form, if it fails or succeeds its going to be because of me not some guy going through a mid-life crisis who feels like "doing something new."

We have a good 2 year program here where I live with hotel, restaurant, and culinary skills offered. Any thoughts on going that route as opposed to the more expensive schools?
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Thanks to Culinarian247 and Chrose, I appreciate the info. I have a couple of follow up questions though. Is it possible to enroll in a 2 year program and also have time to work at a food establishment? Second, what goals have you set for youselves to ensure that you remain on the right track?
Chrose thanks, good post, and I like your pilot analogy, it is right on the money. I will definitely put your input into action. I live in a tourist town so your suggestions to time the seasons will work out well.
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