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Goal oriented and need advice

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I need some career counseling, what better place than here? You are all honest and fair in your replies, so I ask you to lend me a bit of advice and thank you all in advance.
I have no wife and no kids, I have some money saved up, and I want to own a restaurant in the very... distant future (long-term goal). With no restaurant experience, but much ambition to learn, where should I begin (school vs. baptism by fire) and what goals (short-term) should I set to ensure I remain on the right track?
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Mike,i think you are taking one very brave step.The food industry is full of fluctuations,just like airlines experience! The ability to adapt is essential.
I`m sure that as a pilot,you have eaten in a number of different establishments.
Compare your experience of these places:
What was your first impression?
How clean were these places?
Were the staff friendly,efficient,cohesive,did they seem to be enjoying their work?
How many of the places you ate in seemed profit driven and impersonal?
We may have all,i suspect,been in an establishment where the management haven`t a clue how to retain good employees!
What level of service do you aim to provide for you customers?
Do you intend to cater for all tastes and types of people or are you looking at a specific sector of the market?
I hope you succeed in you forthcoming venture as you are accustomed to hard work:) Leo.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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