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Gonbei Hammered Damascus Gyuto Vs Sakai Takayuki Gyuto

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I am in the market for a new gyuto style knife that is both functional and can be used as a statement (has a nice pattern/design, in this case the damascus and hammering). I have found many good ones, but these two have really stood out for me:
Gonbei Hammered Damascus and Sakai Takayuki Gyuto.  I dont really care about the handle (I dont mind if I get wa or yo).  Any opinions on these two knives?  Are these good choices or should I be choosing something different (in the $150-$225ish pricepoint - willing to go a little higher for something amazing.

Any help is appreciated :)
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Alright, thanks a bunch for the advice!  I shall go with the gonbei then :)

I am a little iffy about sharpening such an expensive knife (since I have ruined a few cheaper knives with previous attempts due to incorrect technique and stones).  I have heard that the king brand 5000/1000 stone is a good thing to start out with (I would be practicing on cheaper knives first though).  That a good idea?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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