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Good Shoes, But Legs & Feet Are Sore

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I work in a kitchen for 8-9 hours a day with 30 minutes lunch. I have no problem during the early part of the day, but come the end of dinner service, my feet and legs start aching.

My orthopedic doctor had custom orthotics made for me to place in my shoes. The stiff arch support really hurt, even after I wore them for short periods during the day to break them in or "get used" to them, per doctor's instruction, but they felt like they were pressing so hard against my arches, I thought they were actually bruising them. Every night, I was going home with severe pain in my aches, legs, and feet.

One night, I had enough torture, so I removed the custom orthotics and replaced them with Dr. Scholl's work shoe gels. I placed two inside each shoe and that took care of the foot and arch pain, however, my calves are still a bit sore and my feet just a bit achey.

Is there anything someone can suggest that would totally erase all aches and pain? I love, love, love my job and want to come home without foot or leg pain/aches. The rest of my body feels great, despite a long day on my feet. Will this eventually stop?

Shoe Brand: Dansko: $135 - Non-skid, chef shoes

Thanks for your suggestions.
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     It's unlikely you will ever go home without some soreness. That's the nature of standing on your feet all day. You should relate the dr. Scholl's story to your doctor. That sounds like info he/she should know. Adjustments may need to be made to your orthotics. 

     Overall I'd say just keep working on it. Your body will adjust but in the meantime do what you can. 

Remember feet should be shoulder width apart as standard practice. Leaning on one foot or the other seems good in the moment but really just wears you out quicker. Extra weight and poor posture are also culprits. 

     But even thin, perfect posture individuals who practice good standing techniques and don't have inherent foot problems eventually get tired legs and feet after a long day at work. I'm pretty sure that's why the whirlpool and beer were invented.  
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I forgot about the doorway technique.  I have a habit of always bending down to pick up pennies. A coworker recently asked  why I bother. I said it's because I bend over to pick up pennies so I know I still can. Stretching and some easy yoga also help. 
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