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I've made it before. I suppose it is a midwestern type of recipe, but I don't know anyone who bothers with that much work anymore. Truth is this isn't a quickie easy thing like your manager might think. Plus it doesn't reheat as nicely as I'd like and the crust you can get turns soft pretty quick cause their juicy......If I was you I'd do my best to stear him into a cobbler version.

I made individual ones using whole apples and pie crust and the darn things opened up on me while baking (tried them another time and they did the same)...but they did taste very good. I would definately stear you away from using any precooked apples because they over cook in this dish naturally... by the time the crusts sets and you pull them from the oven then they cool down in the center (it retains heat) their SOFT.

The cinnamon caramel sauce comes from the filling. I stuffed my like an apple pie basicly (so it's the carmelized sugar and cinnamon melted that oozes out of the apples just like pie) but this often has added raisins and nuts.....but you can stuff yours with anything or nothing but apple.

To the best of my knowledge pie crust is a must to be apple dumplings.For resources I know both Pillsbury and Marlene Sorosky have published recipes for this. I think Martha has it in her soft cover dessert book too.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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