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I'm not sure how or what the details would be, but I'm considering starting a thread about regional dishes and how they are interpreted globally.

There's the traditional dish debate, ingredients origin debate, and how they are assembled. Including names etc. When and how they are exported. etc etc.

It would include the history and origin of food, and how it is interpreted.

Big subject, I know. But I am intrigued by ingredient and method/ process "ownership." Why traditional french foods are the "standard" for gastronomy, certain dishes can be interpreted and others not.

It would have to be a discussion of culture as well.

Any interest? Or am I just spitting in the wind?
I think that is a great idea and I would really jump in on that. I've recently been solidifying recipes from upstate/western New York. And it is crazy how much comes from that small demographic. Regional cuisine study possibilities are infinite

I would be so excited to hear about places and specialties I have not had the pleasure of experiencing. One from my book is Cochinillo in Segovia. a top ten life experience.
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