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So - how do you like your green eggs and ham?

Looking for good ideas for the B&B breakfast St. Pat's morning -- I've been challenged by guests to see how far I can take it...without being too extreme.

They will be doing the corned beef and cabbage route later in the day...don't want to repeat it or do corned beef hash.

I'm thinking about but not satisfied with:

1st course: honeydew, canteloupe and jicama cup (green orange and white...)

2nd course: a spinach and prosciutto and fresh mozz frittata with shamrock muffins w. parsley and carrot (green orange and white...)

3rd course: homemade peach cobbler w/ shamrock shaped biscuit toppers

Irish Soda Cookies for evening turndown... (neat take-off on Irish Soda Bread)

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