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Hello there,

I'm a 31 year-old home cook. My roots are in the Indo-Caribbean, but I grew up in New York and currently live in Michigan. All of those places have influenced my food sensibility.

Cooking brings me peace and I enjoy spending a lazy afternoon making chicken paprikash or a spicy curried beef with long beans. Next year I'll be volunteering to cook at a local homeless shelter (currently on the waiting list). I see food as an expression of care--as a New Yorker I may not say "I love you" often, but if I make strawberry lemonade cupcakes for you it totally means I care about you smile :)

I've enjoyed reading through posts and I thought that I shouldn't consume the community without contributing to it. I'm really looking forward to learning from and interacting with you!

In thinking about my first offering, below are some good (for the Midwest) lobster rolls I had at a local restaurant. The orange citrus instead of lemon was a nice surprise, and it was wonderful with a Mr. Orange witbier.


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Welcome to ChefTalk.

      As a fellow New Yorker, I'd have to agree with your sentiment. I don't say it often but if I make you food, it's the same thing. 

Fyi, when you post, expect a delay in response times. As this is a global site, people may not respond until a day or so has passed because they are working, sleeping, etc. but you will most definitely get a response. Lots of very knowledgeable folks here. 

And that's a nice looking lobster roll. 

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Welcome, that lobster roll looks mighty nice. Glad you joined ChefTalk and Michigan is right next to my neck of the woods. ChefTalk is based out of Chicago so we frequently head to Michigan for some R&R.
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