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Grilling steaks for banquet

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Hello chefs!

Have been asked by a client to grill 300 14oz strip steaks on 2 outdoor grills for an event. All steaks will be med rare to medium. Basically we'll grill them and them hold in chaffers right by the grills where guests will pick them up and serve themselves. Just seeking advice on the whole concept, but especially timing and how to cook that many steaks outdoors without keeping guests waiting in line for a steak.

Thanks for your help!
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I hope the grills are large so you can cook as many as possible all at once. Then as close to service as possible. Leaving steaks sitting in chafers for too long will over cook them. Do them in batches, time the batches, serve that many while the others are cooking. 

A few minutes waiting in between batches may be necessary if every one cares about accurate meat temps. 

Hopefully one of the catering experts here will have a better suggestion. 
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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