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Aside from food, labor is going to be your biggest expense.

And a mystery box isn't going to show you anything about the applicants ability to effectively use his labor budget.

The crew can and will revolt these days under a chef who can cook but is a nightmare to work with. That can mean anything from a good food cost to one that is sky high but the food is inedible.

A chef is an executive in a lot of ways besides being creative. I've known a couple that were all thumbs in the kitchen but actually managed the place well of tons of the reverse.

My last place was tough...but everyone had to produce quality. And on more than one occasion they would all screw up 1,2,3 cookie dough. But I'd catch it and fix it before it got used. I wasn't well liked but I was respected...and often that is enough.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts