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Kyle and Bread :lol: and so on

Hot bead and Olive oil!

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Chilled Ketel One and extra olives ;)

55 Fonsceca and stilton

Rare dry aged prime sirlion and 87 Ch Montalena

Pruns and armagnac

Lamb and Mint

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Champagne and ... EVERYTHING

Chocolate and hazelnuts

Lamb and garlic (sorry, CC -- much better than mint!)

:lips: :lips: :lips: :lips: :lips:

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A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou...:D

butter and sugar

apples and cinnamon

pears and cambozola

vodka and caviar

lox and cream cheese

Maker's Mark, 3 rocks, 2 lemon twists;)

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:lol: :lol: Anneke!!

Chocolate with everything
Balsamic and Parmigiano Reggiano
Homemade bread and butter

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Eggplant and mushrooms
Spinach and nutmeg
Root beer and vanilla ice cream
Fresh baguette and rillettes du porc (preferrably in Paris)
Gefilte fish and horseradish
Raw oysters, lemon juice and a slosh of Tabasco
Salmon and dill

:lips: :lips: :lips:

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Almond & pear

Almond & chocolate

Chocolate & fleur de sel

Fleur de sel & tomato

Tomato & basil

Basil & tomato

Tomato & garlic

Garlic & bread

Bread & butter

Butter & chicken

Chicken & Tarragon

Tarragon & Strawberries

And so on......

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Manchego and pear

Chocolate and rasberry

Coffee and orange



Honey and cayenne pepper

Blue cheese and bacon


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Chocolate and Raspberries
good sourdough and roasted garlic paste
any good summer fruit and a vermont sharp cheddar
mushrooms and sherry
Crystal and my wife
any free moment and my boys
meaty beef ribs and an oak wood BBQ
warm summer nights and any good bottle of wine
warm summer day and firestone double barrel ale
fresh blackberries and lemon sorbet

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Sheila and Me,
Kyle and me,
Kyle, Sheila and me
After that we have Bacon and lettuce, tomato and mayo
Lox, cream cheese and bagels
hot Pastrami and Guldens
and just about everything else I like:D
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