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Hej. I am new.

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Hi everyone. I am pretty new to the forum, I just have a few posts. I am 18. I just graduated high school Dec. 07'. Been workin in restaraunts since I was 16.
I want to become a pro chef. I am in love with a Swedish girl, who came to my high school this year. I am going back to Sweden with her in June. I wont be able to go to a culinary school, until I learn how to speak swedish fluently.....frusterating because I am workin 50+ hrs a week and I am still a kid, hard to learn a new language...
but anyways, I am coming to this forum, to widen my knowledge about the culinary arts.
I look forward to talking to many of you!!!
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Hello Levi and welcome to Chef Talk. I see you're a Milwaukee Brewers fan. That's worth a few points in my book! I also see you're from Iowa, which is part of my old stomping grounds (the Quad Cities).

You're very fortunate to have a career goal so early in life. Take every chance to learn, even in the less-than-ideal circumstances that sometimes come with the territory when you work in kitchens. I noticed that you found Melanie here, who has been working as a chef in Sweden, so you've already made a valuable connection!

Have fun exploring the site. I'm sure we'll see you in the forums when you've got some time in your busy life.

yes yes. definatley a Brewers fan. Sorry but I am not a packers fan.
Miami Dolphins thru and thru...
yea, do you know anyone else on the forum from Sweden?
thanks for the welcome.
Levi, I suggest you use the search tool to find others from Sweden. Try using "Sweden" as your search term. We have almost 10 years worth of discussions here, so that's probably your best bet.
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