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Hello all

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Hello all,

I came here looking to find ways to improve my household menu and for advice on a new kitchen knife.

This forum seems to well populated with helpful and knowledgeable people.

I have degrees in Molecular Genetics and Mathematics, and work by trade in a research environment (currently we are working on Muscular Dystrophy). In my past life I was a Euro Car technician for many years before a back injury sent me back to school. In even earlier live, I was (and still am semi-professionally) a furniture maker, and I owned a business making and designing leather clothing and handbags. For fun, my current hobby is machining, and I have a small home machine shop in my son's old bedroom (the joys of an empty nest :)).

I love to cook, and make food for myself and who ever stops by for dinner. I prepare mostly vegetable and rice dishes with chicken, I love steak and eat it whenever I can.

I am looking forward to becoming a part of this community.

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You have a pretty awesome list of experiences.
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