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I am from Wisconsin. I am a line cook. I currently work at two restaurants. I'm doing what I love, but it's sure not easy. This summer will be tough starting with Mothers Day on Sunday.

I have a confession. I'm pissed off at the lead cook at my day job. He and I both know I'm as skilled and qualified as he is to run the kitchen, which is a problem. Ever since I started he's been trying to push me into quitting to protect his job as lead cook.

The last person quit and the restaurant had to close temporarily before I was hired on. That's how bad it is to work with him.

He is hyper controlling and has to do everything himself and wont allow me to take the lead when we work together on weekends. I have lead in the kitchen on Tuesday and Thursday. I could certainly handle the grill alone without him and take an order or two without him being in total control of every hairy detail. Therein lies the problem. We are not a team.

He does all kinds of petty things to try to make me absolutely miserable at work. I.E. the plates that are different (multiple) colors must be stacked in order of color. Only he can do prep. Only he can make goulash. Chili. Baked chicken. No one else is qualified. I have to work with the crap knives and equipment and he has the nice tools that can't be touched. It's his kitchen. I mean come on. I'm surprised he doesn't take a piss and every corner to mark his territory.

My only issue really is that my daughter is having surgery on the 18th and he wont switch days with me because only he cleans the fryers and only on Fridays. Can't possibly do it on Thursday. He just wont let me do it, even though its stupid easy. I just let him do it because if he insists on doing that nasty job, he can just have it all to himself.

My other job at night is going better for me which is a blessing. The lead cook and I get along fine. It's a restaurant in a lake community and everyone there is chill.

Just take the good with the bad, I guess.

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Welcome, This is a welcome forum so if you need advice on how to deal with a difficult chef or co-worker take it over to the pro forums. For what it is worth you will always have to work with someone you don't care for and you need to learn to focus on the right things or it will eat you up. I was in a similar situation and I finally asked myself why am I letting this one person control my life and make me miserable. I stopped focusing on him and started focusing on my work and the people I did work well with. Remember nothing you can do or say will change this person they have to want to treat people better. If you can't rise above it then you should move on but realize that you will face someone like that again and it is best to learn how to deal with difficult people from the start. The book I recommend you read is called "Boundaries" by Dr. Henry Cloud you can find it on Amazon.
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