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Welcome to ChefTalk HelloThe Guy

I'm going to be blunt with you here. 

You come off as too immature to take the job at the other place.

Firstly no music and talking in the kitchen is part of a Michelin starred restaurant ways of doing things. You gotta be on the ball with every plate you put out and talking or music can defer your attention.

Seriously!!!! would YOU feel, if you were working at a a place that allowed staging?

Every week a new body. 

Would you welcome them?

Would you keep a special eye on them as they stage just waiting for them to screw up?

Put yourself in their place.

The place you are at now (you don't say how long you've been there) is safe, close to home, is good pay.

You seem to want to aspire to be better than you are and I respect that.

Perhaps you need to better yourself first by asking what's important.

If music, and talking, and getting along are more important than fine tuning your craft and ultimately owning your own restaurant, than I suggest you stay where you are for now.
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