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Help! I'm getting married

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I'm mainly looking for general input, but I do have one food question--can I really count on these places that do the whole package deal for you--from the ceremony to the reception and the cake and the catering, etc. etc. or should I hire a private caterer, along with everyone else--a photographer, flowers, etc. Are buffets a good idea or should I stick with the "beef or chicken" plated meal type things?
I am leaning towards having it in my church in my old hometown and having the reception downstairs in the meeting hall. That means I'd have to hire everyone myself--photographers, caterers, find a wedding cake, flowers, etc. My fiance keeps sending me links to fancy estates and mansions that do ceremonies and receptions--and hire their own people to do the food and everything else, I assume. (Haven't looked too deeply into this yet. Just got engaged a week and a half ago.)
IThe wedding won't be very big--only a couple bridesmaids, best man, and maybe 40 guests tops. Any tips?
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dear kate,
when is the wedding? if it's to be soon that could only give you a few options as many places are booked way in advance.
dear panini,
i can offer you my kitchen and tools to make the cake. i'm less than an hour away from the area kate is looking in. just bring samples, those cakes sound delicious! :)
any updates on the wedding? hope everything is coming together for you.
is it too late to elope?? :)
i have a MIL just like yours, it took her 20 years to realize i was a good partner for her son.
good luck and best wishes.
:bounce: :bounce: congratulations!!!!!! :bounce: :bounce:
may you have many years of happiness!!
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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