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help my hubby is a fussy eater and i dont know what to cook

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ok i have been married tomy husband now for 5 years and he only eats a limited amount of food, he only eats , pasta with tomato sauce, fried square sausage, sausage rolls mini ones, plain puff pastry onits own with tomato sauce, dry roll, noodles, he wont eat veg, meat like chicken mince beef of any kind, fruit, and loads more, now im trying to have my kids eat like me, as i eat everything possible, i love all healthy foods , and i want my kids to do same, but when we all sit at the table we all sitting with a roast dinner and he sits with 10 mini sausage rolls for dinner, thats it, now my kids are now saying the no want to eat the meals i put out but they wanna eat like dad as his dinners are better and they now dont want to eat veg , can anyone help me on how to make my hubby eat a meal that is not just a plate of pasta and sauce, or sausage rolls , i want him to look like he sitting down to a full dinner so kids will eat what igive to them , as kids also saying they have to eat all the dinner iput to the mand all he has to eat is a bowl of noodles im gonna scream andyone know what i can feed him help 
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Very simply, your husband needs to be a good roll model for the kids. There are lots of things I don't like, but when eating with my daughter I eat everything and expect her to do the same. It is very hard to get kids to eat properly and if they see one parent not eating properly then it makes it even more difficult. Flat out tell him, that even if he doesn't care about his health and dying at age 50 because of the crap he eats that's fine with you, but he must be a role model for the kids so that they don't end up like him.
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