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Hi I'm a line cook and have been only for about 6 months and I'm training someone in at the same time the place I cook for is literally having the biggest day they ever had I need some advice on how to keep everything on track and going smoothly like teachin him cooking a shit ton of burgers wraps salads and no nachos all at once while also while doing a party and making sure the new guy has all the sides for the plates any advice would help thank you

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Not as challenging as you might think. 

First, stay calm

Second. Focus on being prepared. 

Be sure you have shown him everything at least once. 

Make a list of the ingredients that go in each dish. Type them up so they are easy to read. Post them where he can read them during service. 

As in.

Burger  -Bun, lettuce tomato, onion, pickle and French Fries. 

Make sure you have plenty of back up for your ingredients and keep it all labeled and organized so neither of you waste time looking for anything. If you have the equipment, have several pans full of whatever ingredients you use so when one is empty you can simply switch out the pans quickly. 

Double check that you both have all the various utensils and tools you will need. Know where they are and return them to the same spot after every use. 

Don't let the numbers throw you. Just keep working as fast as you can but remaining calm. Remember if you are calm, he will be follow your lead and stay calm as well. The more prep you can do ahead, the better off you will be. 

Good luck. 
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