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Help Please....How to hold Polenta in steam table

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I am the chef at a Mountain Lodge in Oregon and are in the process of developing our menu.  One starch that crossed my mind was polenta.  The only concern I have is holding it for service.  Our saute station is rather limited in burners and size and quite frankly polenta to order, even though it only takes about 5 mins to make a single batch, is out of the question.  Is it possible to hold that in a steam table by maybe adding more liquid to account for the continual cooking in the steam table?  Just wondering if anyone has prepped large batches of polenta at a time for service.

Thank you.
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I cook the polenta to almost done on the stove then move it to a crockpot set on low. Keep it covered and stir back in the steamed water occasionally. Turns out very creamy without turning to mush.
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