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Help Please....How to hold Polenta in steam table

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I am the chef at a Mountain Lodge in Oregon and are in the process of developing our menu.  One starch that crossed my mind was polenta.  The only concern I have is holding it for service.  Our saute station is rather limited in burners and size and quite frankly polenta to order, even though it only takes about 5 mins to make a single batch, is out of the question.  Is it possible to hold that in a steam table by maybe adding more liquid to account for the continual cooking in the steam table?  Just wondering if anyone has prepped large batches of polenta at a time for service.

Thank you.
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What we used to do was cook the polenta ahead of time and add our flavors to it (pancetta, parmesa etc). We would then put it into a buttered pie pan to cool. When it came time to serve we would take a slice of polenta and fry it and serve it that. 

The other way I have done it was to make a batch of creamy polenta and put that in a baine marie pot covered with plastic in a steam table. When it was time to serve the plate we would do quennels of polenta on the plate. For creamy polenta we would heat up some cream and add some of the polenta to it. I would experiment with the different methods.

Personally I preferred the fried polenta it was very tasty and looked great on the plate.
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