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For Breast Cancer awareness month Jende Industries has created a special edition of their excellent hand made leather knife roll. The knife roll will part of a package which includes a Chef Works coat and other great gear donated. 100% of all donations will go to the American Cancer Society. Donate 10 dollars for a chance to Win this Jende roll, a chef coat from Chef Works and a few other things as well. Even f you are not interested in the prize consider a $10.00 donations to help a great cause. Thanks Chefs

Link to donate and enter give away: Jende Knife Roll Fund Raiser


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I am sorry to add a discordant note here, but I am against these campaigns for "Breast Cancer Awareness" or "Cancer Awareness " etc. it has been, what, decades and billions of dollars since we have started a "battle against cancer", and cancer rates have if anything increased. Using cancer to promote something else, is not ethical, in my opinion.

The sad reality is that "cancer" has become an industry which would die if a real cure for cancer (especially an inexpensive one, or just simple preventive measures*) were found.

Remember it took some fifty years before the tobacco industry finally was forced to admit tobacco causes cancer. How long will it take for the cancer industry to (be forced to) recognize it has tried its best to prevent new cancer cures from becoming "legitimate" ? Google "beating cancer gently" to see in the case of breast cancer what a level headed former Air Force colonel found out *after* his wife died of traditional breast cancer treatments. Never mind other cancers (check out Dr Gonzales for pancreatic cancer, etc etc).

Or read a more honest MD's letter regarding Steve Job's cancer treatment viewed in the broader perspective of cancer treatment in the US nowadays at
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