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I don't like cheese with seafood, seems wrong. Some very mild creamy cheese maybe, like a ricotta or cream cheese, etc. But something strong like a parm just seems like it would clash. Anyways....

You might try dollops of creme fraiche piped onto the crisp, then place a few nice herbs and flowers on top. Some violas, oregano, chervil, and/or any of the flowers from the herbs would go well with the Med. theme you have going. I'd think a seaweed salad is too bulky and unlikely to stay on the crisp. 

Potatoes for the base are always classic with something like this. Saffron poached? Peppers, fennel, tomato, would all go well too. Olives wouldn't be out of place either. Someone mentioned capers upthread, those would be delicious. You could even fry the capers crispy and put them on the tuille with the creme fraiche and herbs/flowers. 

Also, just a bit of advice, my $.02 for what it's worth...I've found it's not often successful to start a dish with the presentation in mind then work backwards to pigeon hole something into it. Like, if you already know you want to do a parmesan crisp with "stuff" on it across the bowl, you've already limited yourself or, at best, tightened the focus to the point where you might miss out on some awesome flavors or ideas because they wouldn't "fit" 

My opinion, again, is to work from the flavors of the dish and then think of the presentation and how to make the food beautiful. It can be the most beautiful dish in the world, but if it eats or tastes like shit no one will care. Sure, your Instagram photos will look cool, what? Flavor is what holds people's memory (for the most part, anyways). 

Obviously food should look AND taste amazing, but taste is #1 in my opinion. Just something to chew on. 

Good luck
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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