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The answer would depend upon how much herbs do you want to harvest? When you grow them indoors in pots unless you provide it with a green house atmosphere for proper lighting the plant will spend most of it's energy just surviving not prospering as it would outdoors. So an indoor plant isn't going to turn into a bush where you can harvest a cup worth at one time. Instead you'll only be able to pinch off a couple tablespoons at one time (if that).

There are herbs that are perenials (that last year after year) as they develop over the years into a large plant, one plant can produce enough herb for a large family all season long and still remain healthy. Perenial herbs can be quite pretty landscaping plants too.

Then theres the annual herbs like basil which won't last thru a frost. The basil I grow turn into bushes by the end of the summer. I can't cook enough basil dishes to use up the plant.

Learning how to control weeds is not very difficult, I swear! I find a good layer of mulch does the job nicely plus it helps control moisture evaporation and the tempature of your soil.

I find it much easier/wiser to grow herbs outside for many reasons. Yes, you can grow them indoors but the differences are amazing!

P.S. Besides giving them good lighting plant food really does work well (indoors and out). Follow the instructions on the box.
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