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Hi, I'm planning a sort of surprise party for my mom's 65th birthday Nov.16, it's sort of a surprise, because she knows that we throwing a party, but she doesn't know where or what the menu is going to be.
I am wanting to set up a buffet table with some simple HDO's and canapes and crudites, and then of course chips and dip other snack foods, then for the main course, seeing as it is a birthday party, hot dogs with all the trimmings. So if you could help me out with some suggestions for simple canapes and HDO's I would greatly appreciate it. Due to cost restrictions though, caviar and probably smoked salmon as well are out of the question. I 'm thinking with the canapes I'd like to do about eight different kinds and make about 36 of each, I just hope that will be enough for about 60 people. I'm also serving devilled eggs and stuffed mushroom caps.

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