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Regular Convection (garland, southbend, us range, blodgett, etc) ovens aren't as fantastic as foodeqpt. sales people make them out to be. They are great general workhorses, but are not perfect for any one particular application.

For roasting meats, they'll get the job done, but with one important caveat: You will loose significant weight compared to a deck oven. The fan blows hot air which will lower the humidty in the oven, and this means greater weight loss.

For many baking applications a convection has only one temperature zone, no separate top or bottom heat. Not desirable for many baking applications. Since the fan only blows in one direction, you have to turn your trays around, and every time you open those huuge doors you blast hot air in your kitchen, heating up your workspace, and cooling down your oven.

For baking potatoes or roasting bones though, they are pretty good.......
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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