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Help with cookware choices, compact living

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I'm trying to make a selection of a bare minimum do it all pots and pans, I only have one kitchen kabinet but my plates, glasses, and so on are there.

I own a slowcooker, a "i think stainless steel non stick deep frying pan", and a big aluminium pot, no other bowls, strainers and so on so basically I have to use my slowcooker as a bowl if I need to make a sauce.

Usually I manage fine but some stuff is really tedious and doesn't really work with this setup.

So what im really after is

-No non stick (or rather not)

-Modular, removable handles (cristels cook and serve concept looks god, and can double up as bins and strainers)

-Should work on cooktop, induction, flame (future proof, not sure what I will choose when it's time to change equipment)

-Bases? This is what they have not sure what would be the huge difference

So what do I cook today and what would I want to cook and what do I think I need (i will also get rid / replace my only pan and pot)

Need help with sizes also, this is for one person (and I rather not choose non stick)

I eat two cooked meals a day nothing else (basically fruit meat, veggies or fruit veggies usually no rice/pasta/potatoes, both longcooks and just quick fry). Organic and ecological adds 2-4times on the price so i'm thinking of adding rice to keep the cost down. No breakfast

Pans: Right now I only have one deep pan, I make stews, fish/meat, pancakes, eggs, wok. Pancakes always fail, eggs is sometimes hard to not get burnt, works good for thicker meat

I still want a deep pan as it works for almost everything, do I need a regular pan for anything? Thinking that two pans could be good anyways as I sometime want to multitask fry some veggies in one for example)

I don't think I need a wok pan? But it could double up as a nice serving bowl for cold veggies if not used (and if it doesn't have a non stick coating)

Pots: My only pot is quite large I do alot of stews in it usually some kind of chili with alot of beans and veggies, still want to replace it as it's quite bulky. It's also to large to make any kind of sauces, pasta, rice

I'm thinking three pots one small for sauces, one medium for rice/pasta and a bigger one when more food/stews is (long cooks)

Also thinking of a pasta insert and a steamer insert which can double up as strainers when I need it

Three pots would also give me the options to have one or more bowls

The slow cooker I will keep

All of this will fit in my oven for storage, not sure about the wok though but otherwise it fits.

For lids they have stainless and glass lids compact, and bigger rising ones im guessing it's just for esthetics? so the compact ones would do fine.

Any suggestions? And also about the bases I mean if I want a frying pan with all three bases im up to atleast 6pans so it seems rather gimmicky? But maybe they have their time and need.

What I need is something that will be used often, and some items that will be used now and then but I don't need a cooking set where 99% is unused.

A wall of text any help appreicated :)
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Not sure if it can be used on Induction but we have the Cooks Standard Stainless Steel set and it really is great. You can just feel and see the quality in it.

Hope that helps.
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