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Hi to all! And big question to all professionals.

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Welcome everyone. My name is Jarek it is pleasure to join this forum. I would like to start with question that will also introduce me. I am 32 years old, 3 years a go I did my job as diving instructor in Thailand, and... during the time off, in one of the restaurant I was invited to see the kitchen, and I fall in love with this profession. Problem is at this time I was 29 and I decided to change my profession. As so I decided to travel to London...start on pot wash, go through to get money for NVQ , first Chef qualifications..and so working in many places,changing job often I still can't find my way. Places I mostly worked were only work camps without passion and quality only stress and no place to learn. I have in my head that I am to old to become good Chef. I can not find way, should I struggle in Michelin 80 hrs a week, or go to normal restaurant, or go to culinary sschool? How to master all this knowledge.. Bourdain in his book said that guy after 30 should give up.I study a lot, read but I have only mess in my head. I do not even have place to cook as I rent room. I am not from rich family, all I do I depend by myself, but I need guidance. Some advices? Thank You and all the best.
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Find a small chef driven kitchen with a changing menu. One with a hands on chef and a two or three person line, with the chef being one of the two or three people that work the line.

Look for one with an open minded chef that is secure enough in his own abilities that he isn't afraid of input or ideas from his team.

I didn't get serious about being a chef until I was thirty, even though I had been in the industry for 10 years. So it definitely isn't too late IMO. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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