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Hi to all! And big question to all professionals.

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Welcome everyone. My name is Jarek it is pleasure to join this forum. I would like to start with question that will also introduce me. I am 32 years old, 3 years a go I did my job as diving instructor in Thailand, and... during the time off, in one of the restaurant I was invited to see the kitchen, and I fall in love with this profession. Problem is at this time I was 29 and I decided to change my profession. As so I decided to travel to London...start on pot wash, go through to get money for NVQ , first Chef qualifications..and so working in many places,changing job often I still can't find my way. Places I mostly worked were only work camps without passion and quality only stress and no place to learn. I have in my head that I am to old to become good Chef. I can not find way, should I struggle in Michelin 80 hrs a week, or go to normal restaurant, or go to culinary sschool? How to master all this knowledge.. Bourdain in his book said that guy after 30 should give up.I study a lot, read but I have only mess in my head. I do not even have place to cook as I rent room. I am not from rich family, all I do I depend by myself, but I need guidance. Some advices? Thank You and all the best.
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Hi Jarek, welcome. I am very much a follow your heart girl but i am also a realist. Theres a reason why the Michelin starred kitchens are governed by younger people, a high profile kitchen is extremely hard on the body and very intense/hurried all while perfection and consistency are demanded. Its not a line of work for everyone. Smaller kitchens could satisfy your need just as completely and keep your body and pride intact. I have been cooking professionally for years yet i know that an environment like that would eat me alive. My advice is to start small and learn the basics in multiple restaurant settings. There is SO much to know.
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