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Well, doesn't private cheffing for royalty and dignitaries suggest that your abilities can withstand very high expectations?
Depend who you are talking to, the context, and on what level. Very, very subjective. A lot of time, names can be thrown around as so much fluff without any real substance. Yes, people are impressed by names, but In my experience, royalty and dignitaries don't know or recognize quality any more than my next door neighbor. They are just used to a certain level of power.
As its a seasonal place, most of the villas are owned or rented to people who probably use agencies in London, for example, to source their chefs, so I am getting myself in a few of those too.
That is an excellent way to go, also they will be able to help you sort out how and what to include info in your resume/CV.

An additional source of leads would be the the agencies that handle the actual rental of the villas. Let them know of your presence and experience.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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