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The person is what they make of themselves.
Not if that person is an employee and following orders (and that could indeed include the head chef). They may find them selfs in a one size fits all "meet two veg, butlins holiday camp" style, a couple of step up from prepairing ready meals in a factory

And usually IF the amateur will accept a bit of guidance they can be every bit of the professional. (Accepting the guidance is usually their most difficult task)
This is all to do with ego and self presivation (thining that you are the best, seen it all in the music job before) example, my yorkshire pudding at the best (but they came pre packed out the frezer though)

It's a stretch to try to sell pot roast in a bakery. Not that you cant....but it's a real stretch to pull it off.
You could allways try making a wrap out of the pot roast for christmans/ thanks giving coming up (so long as it dont make pastary soggy)
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