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BgeXL, I concur with Benuser that the Hiromoto AUS-10 blade would be a very good blade to acquire.  I also think it would be better than the Hiromoth Damascus VG-10

With respect to Master Futoshi Nagao, in all likelihood his Damascus VG-10 cored blades are probably spectacular.  In making the blades, he was likely using one of Takefu Special Steel Company's vertical grain clad plates.  These knives have a spectacular appearance once made.  However, I just cannot see a use preference for them as compared to the AUS-10 steel blade.

I must say right off that I am no fan of Damascus.  There is no performance advantage to a clad blade, whether three-layer san mai or multi-layered Damascus or vertically layered Damascus, compared to a mono-steel blade.  The big disadvantage is that, in use, the blade will quite quickly develop dings and scratches.  Unless you are comfortable with the blade having such visual distractions, then I would suggest you either buy the knife as a showpiece and (almost) never use it, or you forego buying Damascus and concentrate on performance by buying a three-layer san mai construction knife (such as the Tojiro DP) or a different steel knife (such as the Hiromoth AUS-10 gyuto's).

If you are insistent about buying and using a Damascus blade, please be advised that restoration of a scratched surface on a Damascus blade involves not only polishing the scratch out, but using an acid etching process to restore the Damascus effect.  Dave Martell has described the process, but I doubt it's for the really faint of heart.

I am presuming that Hiromoto's heat treatment of VG-10 was properly done (Masterr Futoshi Nagao is considered as very competent in the various processes for heat treatment - annealing, quenching, tempering - of different steels).  However, VG-10 is still VG-10 steel - and while good, has been surpassed in the ability to hold an excellent edge after sharpening.  It will take a superlative edge, but will quickly drop down to a not-quite-as-sharp edge that wilkl last a good while - still very good, but not quite at the same level as just after sharpening or re-sharpening.  

Please also be advised that VG-10 needs to be carefully sharpened, so that any bead developed during the sharpening process needs to be carefully abraded down, rather than simply "snapped off".

The other factor here is cost.  $317 (for 240mm) and $370 (for 270mm) is an awful lot of money for VG-10 - especially if is going to be used.  For the money for the 270 mm VG-10 ($370), you can buy not only the AUS-10 blade ($130), but also a good cutting board and several good sharpening water stones.

In short, if you want to collect the Damascus (without using it), go ahead.  Otherwise, I would go for the AUS-10 blade instead.

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