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Hi everyone,

We have a very busy brunch at my restaurant, and our biggest service issue is holding our hashbrowns. In the past, we fried large dice potatoes. Always had complaints that they were "cottage fries" not hash browns. We eventually switched to shredded potatoes. We initially cook them in the oven... but holding them is the issue. We don't have the space or the time to cook them a la minute. I wish we did.. as this would obviously solve my problem. But we are flippin' and flyin' during brunch. 

Steam table doesn't work for obvious reasons... steam does not equal crispy. Low oven also equals not crispy. 

I'm tempted to go back to chunky cottage fries. 


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I would agree that if you can't do hashbrowns to order then I would look for a different potato to serve.  If I get hashbrowns I want them crispy, not limp and soggy and it drives me nuts when they come that way.  Your guests were correct in complaining if your menu said hashbrowns and you were serving cottage or American fries.  But that is a pretty simple fix; just re-word your menu to say cottage fries then people won't have the expectation of one thing and end up getting another.
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