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There are an almost unlimited range of honey.  What type of bees, what time of year, where the bees are collecting, and several more.  In the states Sue bee is a generic type of processed honey.  I like to use raw honey but like to know who collected it.  There are some nasty bee keepers out there.  One of the things that I consider important is the stability of the honey.  I believe this is somewhat dependent on sugar content. My favorite is Tupelo honey.  It is collected from bees that are using the Tupelo tree as a source.  The honey has a high sugar content and is very shelf stable.  Orange blossom will crystallize quickly.  They say that if you eat honey in an area it will help with allergens.

  Now about cornbread and hushpuppies.  Growing up if there was sugar or sweeteners in them they were called yankee cornbread and not very good.  
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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