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Hot and sour soup recipes

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Hello all,

When searching for a recipe, I ran across this community, and it seems like a good place to ask about this. I'm searching for a good hot and sour soup recipe. I've searched through this forum and found some references, but what I'm looking for isn't the traditional type, but the more Americanized version, a la P.F. Chang's. Can anyone provide any pointers?
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Hi CB,

If you google hot and sour soup authentic thai - you'll come up with some pretty decent sites, maybe try this one:

Real Thai Recipes » Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp Recipe » Authentic Thai recipes direct from Thailand!

I hope that's what you're looking for.
BDL - superb recipe, and info, thank you.

Any substitute for lily buds that might be more readily available? Live in a small town here, very limited ingredient wise.

Is it, as you say, an absolute essential for this soup?

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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