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How do I make good grades in culinary school?

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Hi, I'm a fourty year old grill cook with 10plus years experience. I've worked everything from fast food, mom and pop owned family restaurants, bar and grills, to cafeteria and buffets. I've worked really hard over the years at two jobs sometimes three to support my loving nurse perusing wife and two boys over the years and never have made much money just enough to get by paycheck to paycheck. Currently I work under a chef at my day job as a grill cook at a cafeteria and by night I work the show grill at a buffet in my home town. My day job will pay for some of my culinary education and I can't wait to get started because I really want to be a chef by the time I'm fifty or possibly run my own restaurant. My question is what should I study now to get me prepared for school and what do I need to focus on to get good grades in my culinary courses?
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OK ... So I'm not sayin' ... I'm just sayin'. My "regular day-job" is being an elementary/high-school teacher, for the last 28 years. My simple suggestion would be to not as us ... ask your teachers. Whatever any of us tells you is all good fine wonderful and all, but we are not giving you any grades. Ask the people grading you what they want.

You get a poor grade:
"But this guy, that guy and some other guy told me to do this, that and something else. I don't understand why I got such a poor grade."
Instructor's answer:
"Go take classes from this guy, that guy and some other guy ... and get good grades from them. If you want good grades from ME ... do what I expect instead."

Any good instructor will let you know what you should do for them. That is what you want to follow. It's so very very unfortunate when I have to deal with upset students, and worse yet, their parents. "But Our child has always gotten such good grades from other teachers." My simple answer always shocks and/or gets them furious. "Well then ... I guess your child has either changed ... or their other teachers sucked."
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