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I'm seeing more and more people touting the idea that you will be a much better cook if you know science and study the Harold Mcgee book. I wonder if you really can be a better cook knowing about what's going on in a molecular way? I don't mean Modernist and Ferran Adria type cooking, I just mean plain organic chemistry as it applies to everyday cooking in home or at a restaurant. Did Escoffier study organic chemistry? probably too busy working 16+ hours a day. Thoughts??
The Mcgee book isn't anywhere near organic chemistry. It's food science for non scientists, and there's a lot of useful stuff in there about how to troubleshoot what went wrong in a dish, or figure out the starting point for how to create an effect you have in mind. It's not quite the same as diagramming the chemical equations for what you're going to cook, which would seem completely useless to me.
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