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How long can you run a KA pro?

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I am considering purchasing a KA mixer. I bake 48 mini loaves of Zucchini Bread (double batches) for our local farmers market each week and make homemade egg noodles to sell as well. I'm thinking of branching out into other artisan pastas tool. Right now I do everything by hand ( I do have a handcrank pasta machine for the noodles). All doughs/batters are done by hand. I spend 7 hrs making Zucchini bread in a day and at least that amount of time making egg noodles on another day. If I purchased a KA and wanted to make pasta, would either the Artisan or the Pro be able to run for hours at a time to make the pasta/noodle dough and run the extruder? I would spend the extra money for the Pro since I can write off the expense on my taxes ( I don't ever bake for myself) but don't want to burn out a motor by running it too long. Thanks for your advise.
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@Michele OMalley,

I burn up a few every couple of years. The 600's have been really loud running the last few yrs. Don't be surprised. They sound like an old jalopy running.

I've seen the KA pasta rollers used, not bad for home. For production? I have a motor that attaches to my hand crank Italian machine.

My sister-in-law bought the pasta extruder. Ouch, expensive. Um, I hate to trash something, but, I would say if you have not opened it yet I would return it. Cleaning it is a bugger. I was bogging, have to remove all dough to soften a couple of times. I don't know, maybe it will work fine for you, I hope so. I have someone who makes my pasta for me at the farmers market. I helped her get situated and set up with production.

She has an extruder now but survived almost 2 yrs. with just a variety of flats. It really looks nice displayed, she made Capellini. Pici, Fett., lingu., pappar., Tag., She even made some Farfalline, and tortellini. She sold enough to buy a nice extruder, move inside, and make some money.

Good luck to you. Sounds like your working hard.

BTW. Zucchini mix usually holds up pretty well unbaked. Maybe make the batter ahead of time, then just scoop and bake while you're doing your pasta. Just a thought.

Careful writing off equipment. If the purchase is supposed to last a yr. or more and costs maybe 100-150 up. It can be depreciated. Only if you use it solely for your business. You can usually write off smallware and tools. The friend I talked about got snagged a few yrs. back. An accountant should be able to guide, but hey! who knows, you may be an accountant!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

Oh! Maybe look into a buying a Chirata. It's popular right now down here.
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I understand totally. I hope the extruder works well for you. I have worked with the smaller table top models all the way to the Rolls Royce's.

One suggestion if you already don't know. The cleaning of the extruder is crucial. You will always have pasta left in the turn. I run some stale bread

through the turn wetting it a little. This pushes out the unused dough. Otherwise you're having to disassemble and pick stiff dough until clean so you don't

put it in the sink. a no no for your drain lines.

Have fun and let us know how it goes.
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