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How long can you run a KA pro?

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I am considering purchasing a KA mixer. I bake 48 mini loaves of Zucchini Bread (double batches) for our local farmers market each week and make homemade egg noodles to sell as well. I'm thinking of branching out into other artisan pastas tool. Right now I do everything by hand ( I do have a handcrank pasta machine for the noodles). All doughs/batters are done by hand. I spend 7 hrs making Zucchini bread in a day and at least that amount of time making egg noodles on another day. If I purchased a KA and wanted to make pasta, would either the Artisan or the Pro be able to run for hours at a time to make the pasta/noodle dough and run the extruder? I would spend the extra money for the Pro since I can write off the expense on my taxes ( I don't ever bake for myself) but don't want to burn out a motor by running it too long. Thanks for your advise.
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I haven't heard many good things concerning KA's pasta attachment.  And I think that the instructions will indicate how long to run the mixer depending on the dough you're mixing.
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