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How safe is dried mushroom powder, raw?

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I am making a recipe that has mushroom powder and will be using the Nom Nom Paleo Magic Mushroom Powder product ( - now available at Whole Foods), which I think tastes awesome and works well in cooked foods. The recipe, which is a sauce/condiment, will be raw/uncooked, and will be served to a crowd.

Is anyone aware of any potential food safety concerns for dried mushrooms or powders derived from dried mushrooms? To give you an idea of how 'paranoid' I am as a home cook, when it comes to food safety (again, cooking for a crowd), when making raw recipes using cilantro, I usually soak the cilantro in a bleach-based water bath (learned this from Alton Brown) for 20 minutes, which hopefully kills most harmful bacteria.

This recipe also contains nutritional yeast and coconut aminos - any concerns here as well?
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