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How safe is dried mushroom powder, raw?

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I am making a recipe that has mushroom powder and will be using the Nom Nom Paleo Magic Mushroom Powder product ( - now available at Whole Foods), which I think tastes awesome and works well in cooked foods. The recipe, which is a sauce/condiment, will be raw/uncooked, and will be served to a crowd.

Is anyone aware of any potential food safety concerns for dried mushrooms or powders derived from dried mushrooms? To give you an idea of how 'paranoid' I am as a home cook, when it comes to food safety (again, cooking for a crowd), when making raw recipes using cilantro, I usually soak the cilantro in a bleach-based water bath (learned this from Alton Brown) for 20 minutes, which hopefully kills most harmful bacteria.

This recipe also contains nutritional yeast and coconut aminos - any concerns here as well?
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"General rule of thumb is never eat a mushroom raw."

There are hoards of people who eat raw mushrooms and have lived happily ever after.
You are safe consuming cultivated mushrooms raw, but with many of the wild mushrooms you are better off cooking them first. One of my friends, an avid mushroom hunter and amateur mycologist once told me that many wild mushrooms do contain trace amounts of substances that are not good for us. Many will just cause minor digestive tract upset. But cooking wild mushrooms destroys these substances. Don't know if there is any truth in what he told me but since then I've always cooked any wild, foraged mushrooms that I have, with the exception of taking small nibbles of them, but not eating them raw in any quantity.
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