I love rye bread. Buying great rye bread here in NYC is easy. Making it is a different story! Here are my attempts to create an old fashioned NY Sour Corn Rye. First up is my latest attempt. It part of the Magnificent Maggie Glezer Adventure, and id awfully good.

Two whole loafs of bread

This is the real deal, tight crumb, chewy crust, big flavor!

Starter in container

First things first, converted a firm starter a la Maggie, to a rye starter with two rye feedings.

Raw dough in bowl

Here's a little departure from Izzy's NY Rye, which is now a close second in my heart. The "ferments" for only 15-20 minutes!

Flat square dough on cutting board

A little careful shaping...

Rounded dough on cutting board

...almost ready!

Dough with corn meal

The shaped loaves proof for about an hour. See the corn meal on the bottom? This is the only corn in a Corn Rye.

Two pieces of dough on cutting board

Turned out, scored and ready for a 450º oven.

Two finished loaves of bread

10 minutes in, the oven gets turned down to 400º. Total bake time is about an hour. Then they get a couple of coats of cornstarch glaze.

Loaf of bread cut in half

The crumb is moist and uniform. The crust sets up really well.

Pastrami sandwich

A little pastrami, a little mustard...