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Hello, soon I will have a formal interview for a sous chef position-- I was already offered the position but the chef and owners needed to discuss salary and would get back to me. At that time I will also ask to receive a full job description once the restaurant is open. The restaurant is set to open in 5-8 weeks and in the meantime I will help chef write the menu, plan menu items, organize kitchen, etc.

1) What responsibilities call for higher pay? (supervising, ordering, menu planning, training, etc.)

2) How would a benefits package effect my salary? Chef mentioned that a "full benefits package" is included with the job, but we didn't get into detail and this will be my first job that offers benefits.Any general explanation would also be appreciated.

3) Is a salary negotiable after payments have started or are they usually stuck for a year or so?

4) Might be too hard to answer, but would you have a ballpark range of what to expect/what to NOT accept? I just want to be prepared when they tell me. Im 21, female, first sous job, VERY mature,graduated from culinary school with high honors, Chef WANTS me to work for him very badly (he spoke to all my current managers about me while he was working on the menu items in our prep kitchen--which is how we met), living in Phoenix, Arizona, restaurant concept is brand new to this company (the have another chain that has 19 locations and is a $50 million profit/year) and is a Mediterranean seafood based tapas restaurant with a raw oyster bar and sushi.

I know all of (for the most part) this is just a guess but I don't want to be screwed out of money because I wasn't prepared or didn't know what I was talking about. I'm not afraid to counter their initial offer if I have to, so some tips on doing that would be cool too...

According to, the average sous chef salary in Phoenix, AZ is $41,000.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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