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How to retain Staff during down times in the operation

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Hi all,

I am the Chef of a Kosher catering company in Maryland. When we are busy we do parties 50 to 1000, multi-day conferences from 500 to 2500 for 3 meals a day, and deliveries. When we are slow we are slow one delivery here and there and small party for 60 or 100. No Need for the full staff we all just multitask and move on. My question is how do you retain a staff when you are lean??
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I think every caterer has the same problem. I hired people who already had a job and just wanted to pick up some hours. This way if things were slow I had no obligation to give hours. In most cases I kept key people and like you said we all wore many hats. Catering is a had business to keep a staff employed full time. In my case I had cooks working full time in my cafes. I just needed to pick up some extra help serving. These are the people I fell back on that already had day jobs and could work a few house for an evening catering.
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