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We found the only way to have a consistant and great product was to always be there to serve it. There are so many factors that can go wrong with drop offs. We thought it basicly came down to two types of catering, your either there and monitor the whole food service or your a carry out/drop off caterer.

I know that sounds rather hardlined but it's really true. When it's your food it's always your name on the line. People are quick to bad mouth something and they don't always have a clue as to the "whys" of what went wrong in their opinion.

We'd cater parties where the govenor (or some other "important person) was two hours late showing up to the party and as you served yet another round of H.d's you'd hear the guests mumbling among themselves "where's dinner? Something must be wrong with this caterer...?" and it's not like you can address each guest and tell them "well the hostess wants to wait" or "the hostess told us their'd only be 20 guests, sorrry we didn't plan for 40". Your trapped in a no win situation.

My point is there's always situations like this. You can explain everything all you want to the host, but the guests who are your next potiental clients never know it's not your mess up. It's frustrating. Sometimes you just have to state your case to the client and let it go, their are clients you can never please who want rediculous things from you. They can't have it both endless supply of food and no one there to control it.;)
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