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My friend told me that every Chef has at least one truly humbling experience at some stage in their career. I think I just had mine.

I moved back to Chicago from the suburbs to take a position as a Sous Chef for a three star restaurant that was having a grand re-opening. Everything was new from the staff to the kitchen. I feel that the Chef didn't give me a fair chance. I worked for a month before he terminated me. We started cooking food during the last two weeks. I made some mistakes, but I was trying to learn an entire menu as well as sous chef duties. I'd work for 12-15 hours a day, and I'd study the menu when I got home. The Chef said I was not getting in the trenches cooking with the line cooks. Somehow he got the impression I was walking around with a clip board. I've never tried harder at anything in my life. I know that if he had given me another week I would have made a vast improvement in my performance.

Anyways, I've never been fired before and I don't know how to feel. I've decided to just take a job as a cook and not worry about being the boss for a while. Am I making a mistake? How do I know If this Chef is just a terrible manager who didn't give me what I need to do the job, or If I just don't know enough to be a Sous Chef?

Has anyone out there been in a similar postion? I'd love to hear some similar experiences and any sage advice anyone out there would be willing to give.
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